The Parkinson’s Movement community is blessed with an abundance of highly intelligent and well-informed participants. Many participants have a high degree of experience and expertise on various aspects of the Parkinson’s challenge. The community provides a place for people with Parkinson’s around the world to come together and support each other. We know that connecting with others can be of great help in coping with Parkinson’s. We want to ensure that the discussion pages are being used in the best possible way.


Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct below:

We ask that all members

  • Are respectful of others
  • Communicate with empathy – other people have feelings too
  • Strive to improve the discussion

We want discussions on the forum to be varied and we appreciate that things can become animated. However, please bear in mind that we will not tolerate any behaviour which makes other users feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or unable to use the forum.

Please note that any medical advice you receive on the forum does not constitute professional medical advice. Please see your doctor if you have worries or concerns, especially if you have worrisome symptoms that have yet to be seen by a doctor.

We ask that you do not swear, use language or behave in a way that others may find offensive. Please remember that what you may find perfectly reasonable may be offensive to others. Your experience may not be the same as others. You should not say anything in a post online that you would not say to someone in person. The views of those on the forum are not necessarily those of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

We encourage posts that are respectful and inclusive for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, locality, country or culture of origin, and physical or mental ability. Please always consider the content and tone of your post or response before clicking send – a few moments of consideration can prevent misunderstanding.

We do not tolerate conduct that harasses, harms, humiliates, or intimidates another member.  This intent may be inferred from the number of times that a commenter follows a community member into threads and/or the nature of the comments posted. We do not tolerate combative, demeaning, aggressive, or passive aggressive posts or responses, insults or name calling, which can be viewed as personal attacks.

We do not tolerate posts that insult the character, intelligence, honesty, or background of community members.  If you disagree with a post, please state simply that you disagree and provide reasons why.

Repeated incidents of personal harassment or bullying will be met with a ban.

Please consider whether any link you are posting is from a reputable source, is lawful and ensure that it does not infringe any copyright or trademark. When posting recent news please review recent posts to ensure you are not duplicating an existing post.

Any spam will be deleted without notice.

Please don’t post petitions, surveys or recruitment for research studies without checking with The Cure Parkinson’s Trust first.

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust reserves the right to edit or remove posts, without notice, which we believe breach these guidelines or cause any disruption to the page. Please note, the views held by the members of our HealthUnlocked forum do not necessarily reflect those of the organisation.

How to contact us or raise a concern:

If you have any concerns about posts or content, please do report it (via the pull down menu). We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please do not respond to the post or attempt to diffuse the situation, we find that this can inflame the situation. If you have an urgent question, please send us a message:  or contacting us by clicking here. We are a small team, so it is much easier for us to provide a comprehensive response this way.

After you have contacted us regarding a concern and/or we have resolved the problem please do not continue to post in the forum about the issue. We find that this only serves to exacerbate the situation.

Please note that any message which is sent to you, via email or privately through the messaging system Health Unlocked, should not be made available in the public forums. These communications constitute private correspondence and we do not expect them to be copied into the public domain. If the information contained within these messages appears on the forums we will delete the post and you may be removed from the forum(s). The forum is designed to be a safe place to discuss Parkinson’s in a constructive manner, please help us to maintain this.

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