Parkinson's Eve Conference

Wednesday 10th April 2019

“The day before world Parkinsons’s day is Parkinson’s Eve – a conference for women. With lively discussion panels, keynote speeches from female leaders in the Parkinson’s community, researchers and health care Professionals, with live music and the latest from professionals on living your best life with Parkinson’s”

“A conference by Women with Parkinson’s for women with Parkinson’s (everyone welcome!)”



  • 9:30AM – Registration
  • 10:00AM – Welcome from Host (Andy Butler)
  • 10:10AM – Opening Remarks (Omotola Thomas)
  • 10:25AM – Video Presentation
  • 10:30AM – ZOOM: Re-defining Women with PD in India (Dr. Maria Barretto)
  • 10:45AM – Living your Best Life with PD (Elisabeth Ildal)
  • 11:00AM – ZOOM: Q & A Session w/ Bas Bloem (Moderator: Genna Douglas)
  • 11:30AM – Research Participation (Charlotte Smith)
  • 11:40AM – Understanding Stem Cell Research (Dr. Emma Lane)
  • 11:55AM – Vicki Dillon Recording (Presented by Helen Matthews)

12:10PM – LUNCH


  • 1:00PM – ZOOM: Training Brave to Live Brave (Mel McConaghy)
  • 1:15PM – Clinical Rehabilitation through Sports (Charlotte Maria)
  • 1:30PM – YOPD (Gaynor Edwards)
  • 1:45PM – SELF-CARE: You have to Nourish to Flourish (Olivia Edwards)
  • 2:00PM – ZOOM: Advocacy (Dr. Soania Mathur)
  • 2:15PM – Tea/Coffee Break
  • 2:30PM – Don’t Believe Everything You Think (Heather Kennedy)
  • 2:50PM – ZOOM: In Search of Nourishment (Dr. Laurie Mischley and Dr. Indu Subramanian)
  • 3:20PM – Joint Q & A
  • 3:30PM – Announcement
  • 3:35PM – Living Beyond PD (Dr. Maria De Leon)
  • 3:55PM – Closing remarks (Robin Buttery)

Advocates speaking during the Parkinson’s Eve Conference:











Parkinson’s Eve, organised by a number of leading Parkinson’s advocates in the UK focused on the issues faced by women affected by Parkinson’s. Talks ranged from “the importance of advocacy” with Soania Mathur from Canada, a stalwart Parkinson’s Movement (PM) advocate who sits on Michael J Fox Foundation’s patient panel, to “in search of nourishment” with Drs Laurie Mischley and Indu Subramanian; Young Onset Parkinson’s with Spotlight and PM’s Gaynor Edwards to research participation with CPT Advocate Vicki Dillon and a Q&A session with Professor Bas Bloem. Dr Emma Lane updated the meeting on Stem Cell Research and Heather Kennedy spoke refreshingly honestly about “Don’t believe everything you think”. The meeting was organised with thanks to Omotola Thomas, Robin Buttery, Genna Douglas and Andy Butler, and was inspired by Claire Jones.

Other events:


From coffee mornings, ping pong competitions, research meetings, lunches, dinners and everything in between, there are a huge number of events taking place all over the world during the week of 8-14 April this year. Be sure to check what is on near you or online and join in!

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