Genna Douglas


Age diagnosed: 34

Specialist interest: Awareness of YOPD and support for younger people, Events, Fundraising & Promotion, Media

I am a happily married working mother of two beautiful girls. I juggle every day motherhood with working in a busy, creative design job. I see my Parkinson’s as a VERY BIG inconvenience for me but I am determined to live my life to the full as much as I possibly can.

My hobbies include holidays with the family, crafts of any kind, event management and enjoying nice meals and drinks with friends and family.

Why is the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) important to you?

The WPC is important for me for two reasons. Firstly for the support and friendships I will make from others in a similar situation to myself. Secondly to provide me with the best information and knowledge for my future with PD.

What are you looking forward to at WPC?

I am mostly looking forward to meeting new friends and building stronger friendships with others I already have met. 

 I’m also looking forward to teppanyaki! 🙂


Recent advocacy includes:

Being the co-founder of the Parkinson’s Eve conference in Leicester 2019. During this time I was responsible for all the event promo and graphics. I also presented and interviewed Bas Blome.


Genna-Douglas-movement-advocate-posterBeing part of Parkinson’s UK’s latest advert campaign ‘Parkinson’s is’. I love the fact you can downloads my poster in English and Welsh! Ha ha!

If I could change one thing in the world it would be for everyone to have a greater respect for each other. 

My advice to new people considering getting involved in research, advocacy or anything similar is do what feels right for you. If your gut tells you to go with it, do it! Life’s too short to worry what others think. If it feels right for you, you’ll be happy and do a good job.  

Instagram: im__genna_with_a_g

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