Jon Stamford


Age diagnosed: 49

Specialist interest: Research

Click here to read Jon and Leah Mursaleen’s poster for the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) 2019.

“Kyoto diary 4. Zombie apocalypse.” – read Jon’s latest blog piece from WPC in Kyoto, Japan.

Check out Jon’s interview on advocate Ben Stecher‘s blog – Interview with neurochemistry expert turned patient advocate Dr Jon Stamford 

Working on a new book – working title “Parkinson’s Disease – A Survival Manual”

Jon Stamford has a double interest in PD. As well as leading a research laboratory investigating the neurochemistry of PD for more than a decade, Jon also has young onset PD.


Jon has published three neuroscience books and more than 200 research publications (reviews, papers, abstracts) in an academic career lasting 23 years.

Since his PD diagnosis in 2006 at 49 he has been active in PD advocacy. He was a co-founder of Parkinson’s Movement (2011), and Parkinson’s Inside Out (2014), editor-in-chief of On The Move (2012-2016) and a World Parkinson Congress ambassador (2011-2013). Jon has spoken on PD at academic and patient meetings in Europe, North America and Asia.

As well as being on the editorial boards of Neurodegenerative Disease Management (since 2012) and Journal of Parkinson’s Disease (since 2015) he has written four books about living with PD and blogs about PD inter alia at

He claims to be retired but is not fooling anyone.

  • Patient leadership and autonomy in research
  • Communicating research to patients and public
  • Clinical trials and studies
  • Bridging communication gaps between patients and physicians/researchers
  • Meaningful measurement in PD
  • Presenting and writing
  • Ethics of research conduct and reporting
  • YOPD

What advice would you give to others who are keen to get involved in Parkinson’s research? –

“Take an interest in your Parkinson’s because, sure as heck, it’s going to take an interest in you”

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