Pat & Laurel


Age diagnosed: 55 & 57 resp.

Specialist interest: Fighting Fit, YOPD

Fighting Fit is a residential weekend programme for working-age people with Parkinson’s. We held an inaugural weekend in November 2018 and the programme is now offering places for three further weekends in 2019 (March 22-24, July 12-14 and October 11-13). See for details.

Pat and Laurel are two of the co-founders of Fighting Fit, an innovative weekend residential programme for younger and working-age people with Parkinson’s.

You’re not alone. There’s a growing community of similar people out there, and by attending Fighting Fit you will get access to information and support to help you navigate life with Parkinson’s. Fighting Fit offers a weekend residential programme for younger and working–age people with Parkinson’s who are coming to terms with the condition. It is an enjoyable and immersive experience providing support to those wanting to take control of their lives. 

Partners are very welcome to participate in the programme with some break-out sessions specifically for partners included.

Topics covered during the weekend include:

  • Exercise as medication
  • Assistive technology
  • Employment rights and benefits
  • Skills for working life
  • Medication
  • Sleep management
  • Research
  • Friendship

Six exercise taster sessions are offered plus singing and dancing activities.

What is the one thing you want to change in the world?:

“A step-change acceleration towards finding a cure. Until then let’s get everyone Fighting Fit!”


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