Vicki Dillon


Age diagnosed: 35

Specialist interest: Presenting, speaking, YOPD


Vicki Dillon is to many the Parkinson’s Sweetheart…an amalgam of Doris Day, Ma Lurkin and the ultimate Geordie Parkie party girl. She’s first on the dancefloor or at the karaoke, wearing a range of ’50s frocks.

Hugely endearing when telling her story, she wears her heart on her sleeve with the emotion and experience of living with Parkinson’s for the past 12 years. She says it like it is, with anger, frustration, pain and sadness.

That emotion, however, sits above a foundation of logic and practical medical experience, having formerly worked as a nurse. Vicki has a thorough understanding of her PD,  the side-effects and its wider impact on the family and friends of the person diagnosed. 

One of the most proactive members of the PwP community, Vicki’s advocacy spans public speaking, clinical trials and media coverage. She took part in the GDNF trial alongside Tom Isaacs and will be featured in the documentaries screening end of February/start of March. 

This will be the second time Vicki has shared her story on the small screen. At PM we admire Vicki’s authenticity and courage both in going under the knife in surgery and dealing with the sharp tongues of the ill-informed. We hope she will get the understanding and praise deserved. 


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