Upcoming conferences

One of the best ways to learn more about and get involved in Parkinson’s research is to attend conferences. As one of our advocates, Daniel advises: “Attend conferences and meetings where researchers speak and meet them in person. We need each other and all benefit from a personal connection.” 

Follow the links below to read about two international conferences in Parkinson’s; the annual Rallying to the Challenge conference in Michigan, US and The World Parkinson’s Congress, coming up next in Kyoto, Japan in 2019.

Rallying to the Challenge

Annual conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan

World Parkinson's Coalition

Upcoming international conference in Kyoto, Japan

Rallying to the Challenge

Rallying to the Challenge

Annual Parkinson's research meeting Each year the Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids Michigan hosts an inspiring Parkinson’s research meeting called Rallying to the Challenge, in parallel to its scientific conference, Grand Challenges in Parkinson’s. This annual...

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