What is Hype vs Hope?

What Does It All Mean?

There is a lot of research out there in all areas concerning PD – but how do you know when to sit up and take notice? Our panel of experts, researchers and PwPs, with their invaluable insider’s perspective, have been busy grading papers – according to their impact and relevance. Whether Potential Therapies, Risk Factors and Genetics, or Mechanisms of Disease, we have tried to capture concisely the science and translate it to deliver better understanding for all.

How is the impact percentage calculated?

PwPs and experts were asked to score each paper for:

  • Novelty 
    For great science, novel mechanism of action (how it works), novel target (where it works), precision of target engagement (specific target in the brain)
  • Proximity 
    Closeness to validation/or clinic (being proved as a real or potential treatment- i.e. how far away is this from people)
  • Deliverability
    Reproducibility, value for money, acceptability for people with Parkinson’s, risk for development (cost/regulation/unacceptable to people with Parkinson’s)

The average scores are calculated to give an overall percentage.

We are working with iOs Press to provide these summaries and scores for your interest, to understand more about how this works, please click here.

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