Brian Lowe


Age diagnosed: 59

Specialist interest: Alternative Treatments and Exercise

“The best part of the World Parkinson Congress 2016 was meeting others with Parkinson’s from around the world and exchanging tips and tricks for better living with our symptoms.” 

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011. Since then, as well as fundraising and volunteering for several clinical studies and Parkinson’s support groups, I have committed myself to investigating, leveraging and sharing solutions for better living with Parkinson’s

In order to find and share alternative medical solutions for Parkinson’s I have become a chief blogger for South London Younger Parkinson’s Network, where I regularly blog about my experiences with nutrition, exercise and movement and other therapies which can help minimise the impact of PD symptoms.

Notably, I am an active team member researching a London based program for boxing with Parkinson’s as it’s a great workout both physically and mentally which helps with managing symptoms.

I have also attended the World Parkinson Congress in 2016, and intend to in 2019, where I am the official UK blogger.

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 To read my South London Younger Parkinson’s Network Blogs click here.


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