Elisabeth Ildal


Age diagnosed: 53

Specialist interest: Media and Awareness

Blog at WPC December 2016. If you an dream it, you can do it!

Spoke this month at the Parkinson Association Denmark

Radioparkis every Wednesday

*Member of Citycounsil Ruderdal Commune until 2021, member of town planning and business area until 2021

*Member of KKR together with 29 Mayer in Region Copenhagen until 2021

*Board for the Danish Blind Association until 2021

*Substitute to Danish Parliament for Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen until next election

“I am indomitable, stubborn, fighter and full of energy and I hold on to the positive in life, there is nothing wrong with my head, and I will not be judged by Parkinson’s. I am not an appendix to Parkinson. Parkinson is an appendix to me.”

*Founder, coach & Chairman in Cure4parkinson

*Outgoing speaker for PD.

*Working on PD project Ping-Pong

*Working on PD project Int. Gen Therapy with Kamstrup and Denis.

*World Ambassador- blogger WPC

*DJ Radioparkies

What is the one thing you want to change in the world?:

“That nobody “talk down” to people with parkinsons ever. And it is okay to say the things we don’t talk about.

Finally finding the right care persons, therapist, exercise, take the medicine, socialize, try to do the things you always have been doing and live well with it as a PwP!”

1. Strengthen your network …
2. Learn something new …
3. Give your life actively …
4. Be present in the present …
5. Give of yourself…

So, while we are waiting for “the thing” to stop the progression, remember to run, box, walk, swim and play ping-pong!


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