Heather Kennedy


Age diagnosed: 41

Specialist interest: Raising awareness, YOPD, Media

Heather Kennedy writes for Kathleen Kiddo and offers unique presentations about living with Parkinson’s. A mother of two, currently living in Northern California, Heather is a former violinist and photographer who often adds a bit of comic relief when collaborating on films and international projects.

A fierce advocate, Heather is dedicated to promoting awareness about YOPD, and how it affects not only the patient, but anyone involved in intimacy.


Speaker and co-chair at The World Parkinson’s Congress, Speaker at Davis Phinney, Parkinson’s Eve, Grand Challenges in Parkinson’s Disease and various support groups in Northern California.

Heather manages Kathleen Kiddo (the advocacy page on Facebook and the web page), with a focus on YOPD. She publishes candid and ruthlessly honest writing about living with YOPD.

What is the one thing you want to change in the world?

I’d hope to expand and promote greater compassion and or empathy through my writing and talks. 

What advice would you give to others who are keen to get involved in Parkinson’s research?

Never give up.

Is there a piece of reading you would recommend to someone wanting to find out more about Parkinson’s research?

I’d recommend an online group called Parkinson’s Research Interest Group, because it has useful and informative dialogue posted under each link and article. This dialogue between people who work in and live with Parkinson’s is invaluable.


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