Heidi Reynolds


Age diagnosed: 37

Specialist interest: YOPD, Exercise, Media & Awareness

I have 7k people following Start Living Today pd across social media and am able to therefore communicate messages effectively to a wide audience quickly.

I am also recommended by Parkinson’s UK
tps://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/ younger-people-parkinsons

I am an advocate for i-Prognosis a European multiscope project who’s main objectives is the development of new detection methods and interventions for Parkinson’s. They are also ambassadors of awareness. I would highly recommend visiting their website & downloading their App (available for IOS & Android).

I adore exercise, anything pink . . Stick with me! I have to get that out the way. See anything I’ve ever posted and you’ll see why. I’m 41, live in Cornwall, South West England and I’m married to my best friend. We go paddle boarding, walking, I adore taking pictures of flowers and I’ve recently taken up making sea glass jewellery and pebble art pictures . . Oh and I have Parkinson’s.  .  But of course it isn’t who I am and this is about me! Mr P takes up enough of my life without giving him the headlines.

I’m hugely passionate about raising awareness of Parkinson’s and particularly the hidden side of the condition. I take part in media interviews, write blogs & articles and try to support & encourage others with Parkinson’s to be open and live life to the full. Aspire Believe Adapt Achieve!

I’m also the Founder of Start Living Today PD a Worldwide Community network for people living with Parkinson’s, that means friends and family too. We have 3 words at the core of all we do: Positive, Motivated, Happy. Our members call the Facebook group “a family” so why not join us?

I’m utterly delighted to be an advocate for the Parkinson’s Movement, Cure Parkinsons Trust are carrying out such vital work if you haven’t stepped on board yet. . . ? What are you waiting for! Nice to meet you.


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