Matt Eagles


Age diagnosed: 8

Specialist interest: Awareness and media, co-creation and teamwork



I am getting more and more passionate by the day that PWP and their care partners receive the right information at the right time mindful to the fact that currently Parkinson’s is seen as a disease of aging with very little hope .

I want to change the conversation and increase the public’s health literacy by improving awareness that you can life a full life despite the diagnosis.

“It only takes one drop of ink to change the colour of the water…be that drop of ink!”

Matt has huge experience in living with Parkinson’s. To find out more, follow this link.

He spoke at CogX, a conference of Artificial Intelligence, and is also one of only seven people in Europe on the EyeForPharma Patient Conference Steering Committee who are currently working on the curation of a patient led part of the EyeForPharma Patient Summit Europe.

See below Matt’s poster for WPC 2019 about ParkyLife




I have spoken at many events including Webit Festival Europe 2019 (pictured above), Wired Health 2017, FT European Digital Health Summit, The World Digital Health Congress, Medtronic in Morges, Switzerland, Founders Forum, Pharma On Boarding, The UK Neuro Science Association Winter Symposium.

I also spoke at The Giant Health Event and the 2nd Speech and Swallowing Congress too.

What is the one thing you want to change in the world?: “The public’s perception of PWP then ultimately find a cure!”

Instagram: Parkylife_official


Matt pictured with Orlando Bloom (left), and with Ruby Wax (right).


Matt pictured with Professor Bas Bloem (left), and on BBC5 Live DriveTime on 11th April 2019 – World Parkinson’s Awareness Day (right).


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