Mel Powles


Age diagnosed: 47

Specialist interest: Nutrition, exercise

I’ve discovered a new interest in Science 🙂 I have a degree in Psychology and have a vague memory of studying Biology and Physics at school but generally have seen myself as more on the Arts side. However, I’m finding reading about research to be really interesting (if incredibly complicated at times!) I would like to be involved in communicating information about Parkinsons’ research as well as taking part in trials myself.

I’m also finding out that, in addition to drugs, there are things that can be done to impact disease progression and quality of life, in particular, diet and exercise.

What is the one thing you want to change in the world?: “The suffering and fear experienced as a result of life threatening and chronic illnesses.”

Last year I took part in a trial involving Neurofeedback and MRi scanning which I found very interesting. I am fascinated by the interdependence of the body/mind.

I recently joined a steering group for the Predict PD project led by UCL.

I very much enjoyed joining a group of researchers and other PD advocates to help plan a forthcoming drug trial.

  • Research
  • The benefits of exercise and diet on PD progression
  • Neurofeedback and acupuncture
  • The body/mind connection
  • Nutrition

I’m just learning about this one!


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