Ron Rutkowski


Age diagnosed: 42

Specialist interest: Education, DBS, Awareness and Fundraising

Ron Rutkowski is a successful West Michigan businessman, entrepreneur and Parkinson’s disease advocate.

Rutkowski co-founded R.A.T. Construction, which specialised in building luxury homes on Lake Michigan. He retired from R.A.T. in 2013 and, not suited to the pace of retirement, Rutkowski joined Scott Christopher Homes, one of the premier home construction companies in West Michigan.

Since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease more than a decade ago, aged 42, Rutkowski has done all he can to learn about the disease and support others who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He is a frequent visitor to the Van Andel Research Institute and a key ambassador for Parkinson’s research and treatments such as deep brain stimulation.

  • Education
  • Speaking to people considering surgery (deep brain stimulation)
  • Raising awareness
  • Speaking
  • Fundraising

“Learn all that you can so that you can be your own advocate.”