Shanthipriya Siva


Age diagnosed: 36

Specialist interest: Awareness of YOPD, Media

A YOPD warrior fighting since 8 years. Founder of SAAR FOUNDATION (shake off and move on). I support with awareness and rehabilitate people with Parkinson’s to lead a better quality of life through an active lifestyle. Why is the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) important to you? WPC is important to me because, in India, we have a lack of awareness and social stigma around PD. There is also no early diagnosis and not much research or clinical trials going on. What do you hope to get out of WPC? I would like to learn more information on the latest in PD, bring clinical trials to India and more people to benefit from these.  

Recent advocacy includes:

  • A walkathon to create awareness
  • Regular workshops and webinars
  • A petition for PwP to get more benefits

What is the one thing you want to change in the world?

Shake off any adversity and move on.

Let us fight to find a cure.


Instagram: shake_off_and_move_on

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