Shaun Hindley


Age diagnosed: 47

Specialist interest: Awareness of YOPD, Regulation & Industry (non-clinical)

Having Parkinson’s can be difficult; however God has uniquely gifted me to help in the fight to move research forward for a cure and to educate patients on treatment options.

As a patient that was born in one country, raised in another and working in a third, international connections can be helpful – it aids in understanding how patients are treated in different countries and the movement of ideas to other countries.

As a person educated in chemistry (BS) and neuroscience (MS), I am able to teach others what is happening inside the brain as we fight this disease.  Understanding why we take so many medicines and how they all work can be helpful for PwP since we are now living much longer lives than previously. 

As a person currently working in the US pharmaceutical industry I have insight on how drugs are brought to market: both innovative medicines and generic medicines.

I currently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.


Recent advocacy examples:

  • Board member of the Parkinson’s Association of West Michigan
  • Active member of local PD support group

Areas of interest:

  • YOPD
  • Regulation and Industry (non-clinical)
  • Presenting to patients on medical advances and treatment options, and how PD affects people

What is the one thing you want to change in the world?

Parkinson’s is not just a movement disorder.

What advice would you give to others who are keen to get involved in Parkinson’s research?

Quoting Nike – just do it !!

Is there a piece of reading you would recommend to someone wanting to find out more about Parkinson’s research?

While difficult, understanding basic anatomical neurobiology and the different connections made by the neurons involved in the degeneration that is pathological in PD. Understanding this will aid in understanding your treatment and what is happening as the disease progresses. It will also then help when reading research on PD.


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