Soania Mathur


Age diagnosed: 27

Specialist interest: Patient education

Unshakeable MD

“We may not have control over our diagnosis, but how we face the challenge of Parkinson’s disease, is ours to determine.” 

Aged 27, just after starting my life as a physician and whilst expecting my first child, I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s. Resigning my practice 12 years after this diagnosis I am now dedicated to advocating Parkinson’s research and educating people with Parkinson’s on how to optimize their quality of life and the importance of clinical trial participation in the search for better treatments and a cure. 

I regularly speak with the Parkinson’s Society of Canada at patient education conferences nationally and internationally. I also serve on patient councils and medical advisory boards with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, The Brian Grant Foundation and Parkinson Canada, part of the Parkinson Movement North America.

In addition, along with my husband, I have participated in clinical trials, which we found a deeply satisfying experience. With my medical background I know the impact that participating in clinical trials can have and, therefore, encourage volunteers to engage with them in order to develop better treatments for Parkinson’s.

I founded Designing A Cure Inc. which serves as a platform to educate and inspire those living with Parkinson’s to take charge of their lives to live well with Parkinson’s. Through personal experience with my own children, I have a special interest in educating the youngest affected by Parkinson’s and subsequently have authored two children’s books. Designing A Cure Inc, along with other ways to follow my journey can be found in the ‘Action’ tab.

To find out more about Desiging A Cure click here or see my twitter feed below.





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