The aim of Parkinson’s Movement is to promote patient stakeholder involvement in research. People with Parkinson’s understand their condition better than anyone, and as funders are increasingly realising, they should be rightfully involved in generating research questions, designing studies and defining what matters most to them when participating in research.

Via the Parkinson’s Movement advocate wall, we offer researchers the opportunity to establish links with people with Parkinson’s, who are the most central stakeholders in this work. See how Gary, Melanie and David are helping research, for example. This page is aimed at facilitating this essential step in supporting researchers toward generating impact through research.

This “matchmaking” service aims to support researchers in their funding bids, in designing their research and in their research communication needs. To get in touch and register interest, we invite researchers to complete and submit the interactive form below. 

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NB: Please note that by providing your email address below, we will only use this to contact you to discuss your requirements further.  If you would like to receive email correspondence with general information and updates from Parkinson’s Movement, please sign up here.

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