World Parkinson's Day 2019

Every year on the 11th of April (the anniversary of Dr James Parkinson’s birthday in 1755), we ‘celebrate’ World Parkinson’s Day. This is an opportunity to rally the troops, bringing together Parkinson’s communities from all over the world to raise awareness, publicise efforts and share latest research advances. 

With so many events held worldwide and online, there are opportunities for everyone to join in and #unite.

Everyone can make a difference, everyone’s voice must count. Get involved, share this page, any links to research updates within it, surveys and resources… Now is probably the most exciting time in PD research, be a part of it and spread the word!


If you do one thing to help us this World Parkinson’s Day, please support our research efforts by completing one of the surveys above! 

More events:

Insight into PD

Online summit

Light up Blue



From coffee mornings, ping pong competitions, research meetings, lunches, dinners and everything in between, there are a huge number of events taking place all over the world during the week of 8-14 April this year. Be sure to check what is on near you or online and join in!

Advocates from the wall speaking during the Insight into PD online summit 2019:











Find out more about some of the latest Parkinson’s research:

Understanding the Nilotinib trials

Understanding the Nilotinib trials

The results of a Phase II trial on the safety of nilotinib in people with Parkinson’s has shown ambiguous biochemical results and a greater number of adverse events in the treated groups.

Caffeine and Parkinson’s

Caffeine and Parkinson’s

The Harvard Biomarkers Study has found that people who consume more caffeine and have higher

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