Jordan Webb


Age diagnosed: 16

Specialist interest: YOPD, Clinical and Health Psychology

Jordan completed his MSC in clinical and health psychology earlier this year.

Recently, he analysed the Rallying to the Challenge 2018 surveys and these findings were presented at the Rallying meeting in Grand Rapids in September.

Jordan has been writing abstracts for WPC 2019 and will also be speaking at our research conference at the Bentley Academy on November 1st this year.

Passionate about addressing the psychological aspects of PD from the day of diagnosis to the later stages of the disease.

Give talks regularly to different universities in the North West to medical students informing them about the disease.

Particularly interested in the neuro-rehabilitation of the disease, not just the physical aspects of the condition, but in the preservation of movement and the mental health aspects of the condition.

Appeared on BBC breakfast

Give talks in universities

Developed an App for PD patients as part of my degree

Two papers published in Parkinson’s Disease Journal.

What is the one thing you would like to change in the world?:

“For industries to realise that people’s health is not a commodity to make profit on.”

What advice would you give for anyone looking to get involved in research?:

“Educate yourself and know that the more people who are willing to contribute, the quicker research progresses.”

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