Music Night at WPC 2019

Life is a cabaret.

The Gold Room at the Grand Prince hotel, just a short walk from the conference centre, is the venue and the inspiration for this year’s WPC music night. Renamed NeuroStars Cabaret Night, and taking place this coming Thursday, the PD community gets a chance to take to the stage.

Among a variety of acts from across the globe will be dancers, singers, instrumentalists and hopefully some laughs and surprises – mostly planned.

The evening will be hosted by Parkinson‘s Movement advocates Brian Lowe and Gaynor Edwards.

“It always amazes me,“ says Gaynor, “how talented so many people are from within the PD community. We sometimes forget that in the outside world we had a career – and many still do.

“So many people with this condition are hugely accomplished and very driven. Pair that with positivity and a desire to live for the moment – Cabaret Night becomes the perfect celebration of artistry in the face of adversity.”

Among the highlights of the night will be the opening number – ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet. To perform this Eros Bresolin has put together a YOPD supergroup.

Tomas Gisby, who has a background in musical theatre, will be showing ‘sax appeal’ with his rendition of Herbie Hancock‘s ‘Chameleon’.

Dancer and choreographer Pamela Quinn, of PD Movement Lab, will be performing ‘Neurodance’. The filmed version of this very powerful observation of our condition and the associated stress and emotion made the shortlist for WPC best video in 2016.

Wherever possible audience participation will be encouraged. Singalong lyrics will appear on screen behind the acts.
All are encouraged to wear gold or something that sparkles.

“Our aim is simply to have fun. We want the audience to shine as much as anyone on stage,” says Gaynor.

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